24/7 IT Management

If you’re looking for a Phoenix IT Services firm that has your back 24/7 you’ve come to the right place.

In the secret agent world, the sexy work is using a top secret gadget to nab a guy. But a lot of work goes into making that possible. For every villain taken down, there are hundreds of hours of mundane work sorting through bad leads, sitting in unmarked cars waiting for something exciting to happen that never does, and even just taking out the garbage.

The same is true with your technology. Sure, beating a cyber attacker at his game is sexy, but it requires constant attention to the details. You’ve got to upgrade your operating system, apply patches to your software, double check that your backups are happening properly, and so much more. In our experience, neither our competitors nor in-house IT departments can hold a candle to us when it comes to taking care of the little things that make IT systems purr and make hackers pull their hair out.

Oh, and sometimes we duke it out with bad guys, too. Guess who wins.


Backup Solutions

Server crashes can occur from the simplest circumstances, power outages, hardware failure or human error. Having local back-up or off-site cloud storage solutions available may provide some simple relief in recovered files, folders or email data. Contact DCI for solutions and avoid total server loss.



 Server and Desktop Management

At DCI we monitor, manage and troubleshoot your server and computer issues before you know you have them. We are proactive in all aspects of prevention in every component of your network. Rest easy knowing that your systems are being monitored and protected.



Help Desk Support

Your staff has live support via telephone and internet. DCI’s Help Desk will handle your routine calls directly with your staff and elevate issues that need an onsite tech to give you prompt service no matter what the issue, leaving you to focus on your business goals.



 Remote, Onsite & Emergency Support

Many of our clients have DCI engineers as onsite support and remote support. Whether you have your own IT staff and use DCI as back up support or prefer to have DCI engineers as your full support staff, we get the job done. Many of today’s IT systems can be handled remotely using our certified engineers, but when onsite support is necessary DCI responds immediately.



 IT Strategic Planning

With the thousands of options businesses have for technologies, it can become overwhelming to know which technologies are the right fit for your organization. Some industries have required systems, software, and regulations to comply with. DCI has a long history with a diverse array of business industries. Let DCI help you with strategic planning, integrating and deployment of emerging technologies.