Technology Consulting

In modern business, your suite of technology hardware and software is your tool in business productivity, and weapon against hackers and other intruders.

Just as with physical tools, if your technology has been poorly selected or hasn’t been properly configured, getting things done can take a long time and be quite painful.

Similarly, your technological weapons against hackers and malware can backfire if they haven’t been expertly chosen for your situation. The average citizen wouldn’t be any safer with a military tank in their backyard or a rocket launcher strapped to their back. Similarly, many businesses buy advanced defense systems, but don’t get the benefits they offer because they aren’t using them properly.

We’ve been Phoenix IT services for decades, and we’re passionate about staying up to date on new technology solutions. We’ve also got the wisdom to know what solution you will actually use and use right. We’re not only about the latest and greatest, we’re about being effective.

No one can help you enhance day-to-day operations, optimize infrastructure, and reduce costs like the crack team of IT agents at DCI.

IT Network Design

Network Design

The best solution is a total network solution, not isolated products or services mixed together. DCI offers comprehensive network design and support using a well-integrated mix of technologies, driving forward the need for a harmonious solution.


IT Project Consulting

 Project Consulting & Deployment

Early in the project process, we focus on understanding your strategic goals, operational challenges and expected outcomes. We thoroughly uncover requirements to ensure that we understand precisely what you are trying to achieve. By following this customer-centered approach, DCI is able to pursue a project that satisfies your short-term expectations and long-term goals.


IT Hardware Upgrade

Hardware Upgrades & Migrations

Whether you need to upgrade your workstations or integrate a new virtualization exchange host, DCI can help you. We partner with multiple hardware vendors to offer the latest and most reliable technologies.



 Security & Disaster Recovery evaluations

DCI has developed a comprehensive network security solution that can enable your organization to minimize and manage risk. Our Security Vulnerability Assessment can help you validate policy compliance through vulnerability testing and monitoring and by executing firewall scans, network scans and War Dialing.


Data Center Relocation

 Datacenter Relocation & Migration

There are many reasons a business or datacenter might need to relocate and data center relocation can be costly and difficult. Whether you need to move your office location, open a new branch location or even construct a temporary work site, DCI can take care of the entire process.




DCI provides top-of-the-line virtualization services– we’re recognized specialists in our field who demonstrate our expertise through top-notch service for our clients. Partnering with us offers access to a depth of resources and skills that go past the initial operations to provide assistance beyond the limits of the project.