Cloud Server Hosting

You know it’s time to invest in new servers and software and you cringe at the thought of budgeting the cost. Moving your servers to the cloud will cut expensive hardware and software costs.


Moving to Cloud Servers means your company will:

  • Reduce Capital Spending
  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Maintain Better Management Focus
  • Maintain Business Continuity
  • Guarantee Regulatory Compliance
  • Increase Fault Tolerance and Improve System Availability


DCI offers Cloud Server services built on Microsoft operating systems that have scalable solutions. Cloud servers can be fully managed to offer system and data backup. Through our Managed Services plan you receive remote monitoring, event log tracking and highly certified IT technical support.

Decision Consultants Cloud Server options are completely scalable to let your business efficiently manage it’s needs, paying only for the needs you have, when you need them.

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