Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is fast approaching and you’re having trouble finding your old man a special gift this year. No need to worry, our Phoenix IT techs have come up a list of what they think are great gifts to get for him. Check it out!   Leather Charger Roll Up If your dad owns a

Staying Current with Technology

  When working with technology, keeping up to date can be more than a full-time position.  Using vendor provided webinars is a great way to keep up to date.  In most cases you can continue to work while listening to the presentation.  If you find something useful you can pick up the conversation to get

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Needing a great gift to get mom this Mother’s day? Check out our must have items to get for your tech savvy mom! 1. Apple Watch 3 series- Is your mom into fitness? Get her one of the best smart watches on the market and she’ll track her daily workouts and get daily reminders at

Securing On-Premises Datacenter Virtual Environments with Software Defined Networking (SDN)

Securing the datacenter usually involves functions like access control, intrusion detection and prevention, and network address translation. Many industries have compliance standards that must be met like PCI and HIPAA. They add additional constraints around data level protection and network segmentation. Supporting these constraints with traditional networking solutions leverages specialized appliance hardware. Designs focus on

AMP Connector Solution

Problem – Download older version of AMP Connector for any legacy clients such as Windows XP Solution – Login to AMP console -> Accounts -> Business -> Edit (right side) -> Change Default Policy and Default Connector Version -> Update Then Go to Management -> Download Connector -> Select the right group -> click Download.

When to Upgrade Your Phone?

Everywhere you look retailers want you to upgrade your technology to the latest and greatest models. Many times the new improvements are available for your existing device with a software upgrade. Before you upgrade a device just because you can, stop and ask yourself do you really need it. The smartphone race is very active

Cisco Air on Your Phone

Problem: Cisco Universal AP Priming Solution: Install Air Provisioning App in your mobile. In WLC cli, type “show ap join stats”. Make sure that universal AP shows joined status if not add the MAC address in WLC > under security > AP policies > new > MAC > Add. After adding the MAC, it should

Keeping Your Emails Safe

  Whether you’re in an office, a coffee shop or on a plane, more likely than not, you’re checking your email on a daily basis. That also comes with a risk that hackers in the online world is ready to take advantage of your personal information. Here’s some good practices to keep in mind to

Electronic Filing to Make Your Life Easier

February always come with increased headaches call Tax Returns.  Most of the population’s tax forms are simple forms.  People over complicate them.  There are a lot of applications that will assist you with filling out the forms. Most will populate this year’s tax forms with the information you used last year and they will ask

SonicWALL TZ Issues

  Problem: SonicWALL TZ 300 has an issue with guest service web redirection. Solution: Since TZ200 is no longer supported by SonicWALL we are replacing all the customers who has TZ 200 with TZ 300. When I replaced the first one I found guest service authentication doesn’t work. I called SonicWALL support and they were