AMP Connector Solution

Problem – Download older version of AMP Connector for any legacy clients such as Windows XP Solution – Login to AMP console -> Accounts -> Business -> Edit (right side) -> Change Default Policy and Default Connector Version -> Update Then Go to Management -> Download Connector -> Select the right group -> click Download.

When to Upgrade Your Phone?

Everywhere you look retailers want you to upgrade your technology to the latest and greatest models. Many times the new improvements are available for your existing device with a software upgrade. Before you upgrade a device just because you can, stop and ask yourself do you really need it. The smartphone race is very active

Cisco Air on Your Phone

Problem: Cisco Universal AP Priming Solution: Install Air Provisioning App in your mobile. In WLC cli, type “show ap join stats”. Make sure that universal AP shows joined status if not add the MAC address in WLC > under security > AP policies > new > MAC > Add. After adding the MAC, it should

Keeping Your Emails Safe

  Whether you’re in an office, a coffee shop or on a plane, more likely than not, you’re checking your email on a daily basis. That also comes with a risk that hackers in the online world is ready to take advantage of your personal information. Here’s some good practices to keep in mind to

Electronic Filing to Make Your Life Easier

February always come with increased headaches call Tax Returns.  Most of the population’s tax forms are simple forms.  People over complicate them.  There are a lot of applications that will assist you with filling out the forms. Most will populate this year’s tax forms with the information you used last year and they will ask

SonicWALL TZ Issues

  Problem: SonicWALL TZ 300 has an issue with guest service web redirection. Solution: Since TZ200 is no longer supported by SonicWALL we are replacing all the customers who has TZ 200 with TZ 300. When I replaced the first one I found guest service authentication doesn’t work. I called SonicWALL support and they were

Creating Users on Windows 10

A little piece of info I ran across over the holidays that I thought I should pass along. It is related to setting up users on a home computer and how surprised I was that it was not that easy. Windows 10 gives you 2 choices for user accounts: Administrator and Standard.   Now it

Windows 10 Fall Creator Update

Check out this feature packed update ! Below you can find out about some of the features that we like best!   Windows Mixed Reality - Perhaps one of the most exciting updates available in this update is the introduction of Mixed Reality which will include support for both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Hardware

Keeping Your Information Secured with a Good Password

With the turn of the New Year, it’s a good reminder that we should all change our passwords as well. Cyber criminals are always out there so it’s a good practice to stay one step ahead of them.   Here’s how you can keep your information secured with a new password. Avoid entering passwords when

Cisco Wireless Controller Troubleshooting

  Problem: Clients stuck in web redirect page in Cisco Wireless controller Solution: If you have a wireless controller that’s on version 8.3.102, web redirect authentication doesn’t work. If you check the message logs you should see an error such as “Form submit action failed. Cross Site Attack detected“. To fix this issue disable Web