Wi-Fi Security Tips

Hackers are lurking everywhere. We all know this and we all need to stay on top of things. So what do you do when you set up a new connection in your home? Here are some tips to stay ahead in the game so you’re not a victim. Change your Admin Username and Password When

Upgrading to MacOS 10.13

  This entry, I am back playing in the Apple (Mac) world again. As we know, Apple released a new version of MacOS (10.13 High Sierra). I went ahead and installed it on my Mac as soon as it was released.   So far, is it looks like the new version (between 10.12 Sierra to

How AI May Affect Your Small Business

  Artificial Intelligence is here! It's gaining steam in modern society as people are slowly experiencing AI in everyday life. Personal assistants are beginning to have practical applications that are actually worth using. AI is the future and as a small business owner you may be wondering what value it can add to you and

Choosing a Anti-Virus Software

  With hundreds of options available how do you find the best one for you?  Most people will gravitate towards to free versions of the popular packages, but those don’t always protect you to the level you need.  With new viruses happening daily, and more of them going after all your data and charging big

Ransomware Security Tips

How can you protect yourself from Ransomware attacks? Check out these tips on how to be more aware of your surroundings online. Backup Regularly and always keep a recent backup encrypted on a separate system if you can. Don’t open any unsolicited emails that you aren’t familiar with. Stay up to date with the latest

Solving a Firewall Issue

  Problem: Unable to download and install a software because firewall is blocking a download file. Solution: In SonicWALL, both Intrusion and Gateway antivirus security service is turned on. So I checked the logs and packet capture, no errors or drop packets. I then turned off security services for few minutes then download was complete

Backups and Restore Part II

      In my last post I was commenting on the time it took to do a restore from a recent incident with one of our clients.   This triggered me to do a little checking around to find out what technology is available to help in the restore process. One thing

Help! I’ve Been Hacked. Now What Do I Do?

  Being hacked is a real and scary situation that no one wants to be in. Do you know what to do when you are a victim? Here are some tips that you should know. Report it If you can, provide as much detail as you possibly can towards the site that was compromised. Give

An Unlikely Partnership: Microsoft and Amazon AI Working Together

AI its everywhere!   AI may very well be the next frontier and these technology powerhouses are starting to allow their assistants to work together in hopes of creating a highly cohesive environment. As AI slowly creeps into our everyday lives, from the assistant on your phone to the infinite number of IoT devices, companies

Keeping Your Cloud Data Safe

Do you utilize the cloud? If not, a lot of businesses these days are. There are plenty of services out there such as Google Drive and Dropbox. Why do people use it? It’s fairly inexpensive and easy to manage. With that, comes with security data tips that you’ll need to know. Back up your files